Information about Employer Insurance Policies

Probably the most important aspect of your case is the ability for you to recover damages. An attorney from the Fort Lauderdale employment insurance law firm can explain that various insurance policies may be available to help indemnify the employer.

Availability of Insurance Policies

An attorney from the Fort Lauderdale employment insurance law firm can explain that there may be a variety of insurance policies that can be used when a person asserts a claim against the employer. However, some insurance policies do not provide coverage if the alleged misconduct is based on intentional misconduct. On the other hand, some employer insurance policies provide coverage if the specific tort or intentional conduct is mentioned in the policy. One particular insurance policy that is worth your attention is the EPL insurance policy. This type of insurance coverage specifically lists out certain torts that fall within the purview of insurance coverage. Your Fort Lauderdale employment insurance law firm may advise you to look into all potential sources of coverage and any relevant limitations.

Types of Insurance Policies

The Fort Lauderdale employment insurance law firm that represents you can explain that these insurance policies might apply in your case:

  • Employment Benefits Liability Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Homeowners Liability Insurance

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