Advice on How to Testify at Your Deposition

An important part of your case is the testimony you provide at your deposition. A Fort Lauderdale employment attorney has prepared the following tips to help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

Do Not Seek Help With Answering Questions From Your Fort Lauderdale Employment Attorney

Unless your attorney tells you not to answer a particular question, you should answer each question directly and confidently. You should not turn to your employment lawyer to ask whether or not to answer a question or for help with your answers.

Do Not Become Friends With the Opposing Counsel

It does not matter how friendly, helpful or nice the defense lawyer seems to be. The defense lawyer has one goal, which is to get you to admit things that could damage your case or have it dismissed.

Do Not Resort to Humor

It may be tempting to lighten the mood of serious proceedings with a little sarcasm or humor. However, this will not win you any points or help your case. A deposition is a very serious legal proceeding. If you joke around, you risk saying something that will negatively impact your case and will leave the impression that you are not serious about the case.

Review Documents Thoroughly

You may be asked to identify or review various documents during the deposition. Take a careful look at these documents to identify whether it is complete or has been altered in any way.

Listen for Closure Questions

A Fort Lauderdale employment attorney may advise you to pay attention and listen for closure questions. The purpose of a closure question is to stop you from adding any more information to the testimony. For instance, in a workplace harassment case, the defense attorney might say something to the effect of: “Have you testified as to all of the instances of harassment about which you have brought this lawsuit?”

You can leave your answer open ended by saying something like, “Those are all the instances that I remember at the moment.”

A Fort Lauderdale employment lawyer may help you prepare a workplace harassment lawsuit and can practice questions with you in preparation for your deposition. Call the law offices of Mark J. Berkowitz P.A. at (954) 527-0570 to schedule an appointment.