Fort Lauderdale Employer Retaliation Claim Attorney

Where a form of employee protected activity has been communicated to the employer, such as complaining to the employer, about an unlawful discriminatory practice, the employee may be insulated from an adverse employment action. For example, if the complaint about a discriminatory practice is followed by a suspension, a demotion or a termination, the employee may have a retaliation claim, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or the Florida Civil Rights Act.

At the law firm of Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., we counsel and assist employees who have been the victims of unlawful retaliation. If you have suffered from a negative personnel action in the work place, such as the denial of a promotion, the loss or denial of benefits, the loss of training opportunities, a suspension, the loss of wages, denial of overtime pay, a demotion or even a termination, our Fort Lauderdale Employer Retaliation Claim Attorneys can offer you both practical and legal solutions in your particular situation.

Retaliation can be manifested in a variety of ways by the employer. For example, if an employee complains about gender discrimination or sexual harassment; or an employee may voice opposition to the fact that the employer has failed or refused to pay overtime compensation, in these circumstances, when the employer proceeds to take negative action personnel against the employee, there can be a claim for unlawful retaliation.

Retaliatory personnel action may include the following acts of reprisal in the work place:

  • Suspension
  • Demotion
  • Denial of a Promotion
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Denial of Wages
  • Denial of Job Benefits
  • Loss of Training Opportunities
  • Loss of Work Time on Applicable Schedule
  • Removal of Job Responsibilities

At the law firm of Mark J. Berkowitz, P.A., a Fort Lauderdale Employer Retaliation Claim Attorney can evaluate your potential claim and offer solutions that make sense, both from a legal and practical standpoint. A course of action will be charted and that course of action may include the following affirmative acts, settlement negotiations, mediation or formal litigation.

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