Fort Lauderdale Employment Contract Attorney

Employment contracts can be structured to provide greater employment security in the work place. Without a specific term on the length of the employment relationship in the employment contract, the employee will be designated as an “employee at will,” with limited or no substantive legal rights. In contrast, if a “for cause” termination provision is inserted in the employment contract, the employee will have a much greater degree of protection, in the event of a wrongful discharge.

Employment contracts can also contain severance agreements or clauses, which also provide a greater degree of protection for employees.  Great care must be taken in drafting and considering employment agreements; since the document may also contain information on regular compensation, bonuses, and commissions; as well as information on entitlements to leave, health care reimbursement and other job related benefits. In addition, particular care and attention must be provided to the possible inclusion of non-competition clauses, if the employer is contending that it can prove the existence of a legitimate business interest under the applicable statute. Examples of a legitimate business interest, includes, for example, customer lists, specialized training, confidential product information and trade secrets.

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